ynndale, Inc. provides people with disabilities and their families with valuable support through person-centered training and community resources, enabling them to determine their future.

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Fascinating Community Activities

Recreational activities that provide the opportunity to create social bonds and friendship are paramount to increasing the quality of life of people with disabilities. Lynndale offers many opportunities for individuals in all programs to participate in group outings and activities in Augusta and beyond. We also organize individual outings and activities in the community. Activities range from visiting Daniel Field Airport to learning how to make pizza at a local restaurant. Contact us to find out more about upcoming trips and events.

Participants  observe the art of making T-shirts Making Pizza Trip to Airport

Special Olympics

Georgia offers year-round sporting events for people with disabilities. Lynndale organizes these events at the local and state levels for those who want to participate and compete. This is a great opportunity for any sports enthusiast.

Parade Special Olympics Event
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